01 January 2017
Dubai - The First City on the Blockchain
Underlying this economic growth has been a strong and productive Government sector that has embraced technology and committed to excellence and digital city transformation. The city’s technological journey began in 1999 with the announcement of its first ICT strategy
which was followed by the launch of Dubai Internet City, Dubai e- government, Dubai Smart Government and the Dubai Smart Office.
Today, Dubai is amongst the world’s leading smart cities in its adoption of new technology and pioneering of innovative smart pilots. Recognizing the potential impact of the blockchain technology on city services coupled with a worldwide blockchain adoption trend that saw $1.1 billion invested by the private sector in blockchain technology in 2016 alone, Dubai launched a city wide blockchain strategy in October 2016 with the objective of becoming the first blockchain powered city by 2020.

Dubai - The First City On Blockchain_Jan 2017


Dubai - The First City on the Blockchain