Public Tenders

Digital Dubai is providing a new service for suppliers through publishing the Tenders on the Website. The service will allow the suppliers to submit their quotes and responses safely and securely. To view the published tenders, please check the published tenders in the table below.

You can also download Smart Supplier to access and manage your transactions with more than 50 government entities within the government of Dubai in a single simplified view

Public Tenders

Service Requirement:


1- Activation

To Activate the service for the supplier, the supplier has to be registered in the Government Resource Planning - GRP (Registration is a Free service) and the supplier has to be qualified to be registered in the Digital Dubai Government.

2- Browsing

We recommend the usage of Internet Explorer 8 or higher versions to ensure a better browsing experience.

3- Login System

To facilitate the relationship between the suppliers and Digital Dubai, a unified login system is adopted. The suppliers can use the same login ID in case they were registered within any of the Dubai Government’s Departments.

4- GRP iSupplier - How to Submit a Quote:

GRP iSupplier - how to submit a quote video can be downloaded from here

5- Login
If you have the username and password, log in from here to participate in the tender.

6-  New Supplier Registration

For registration click here

7- Please contact the Finance Department if your bank/branch is not available in the new Supplier registration link

8- For Technical issues call center