We’re creating a rich and varied data ecosystem that includes voices from public and private sector organisations, innovators, data champions, scientists, specialists and anyone with a good idea that can be addressed using data science to make Dubai a smarter city. We’d love for you to get involved.
Data Community Data Community

Data Community

Becoming a data-driven city takes more than technology. That’s why we continuously engage with our wider community to spark collaboration, encourage great data ideas that create citywide benefits, identify data champions driving change in their organisations, and train a new generation of data experts.

Data Champions

Our Dubai Data Champions are a community of public sector organisation change agents leading the implementation of Dubai Data initiatives. As a Dubai Data Champion, you represent your entity on all data-related matters; including data inventory, data-driven decisions, and ensuring organisational compliance with the Dubai Data Framework.

Our Dubai Data Champions participate in a rigorous Dubai Data Compliance training program hosted in partnership with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government. The program provides the opportunity to build the skills of our data champions.

Private Sector Community

We operate as an enabling regulator, engaging the private sector in developing and sustaining the Dubai Data ecosystem. The private sector is a crucial stakeholder because firms within it are significant custodians of data. We work with businesses to maximise data value, identify challenges, find solutions and create city-wide benefits.

We also support the private sector by providing workshops and courses that help their data experts and managers get the most out of their organisation’s data. Private sector stakeholders are also encouraged to share data-related challenges with us through our Dubai Data Challenge.

Data Science Community

Data Science is a team game, and Digital Dubai Data is about bringing the team and skills together to build a successful Data Science Community. Our Data Science Community extends our reach outside the walls of the Dubai Data Science Lab to involve a wider community of data experts and stakeholders.

Together with our community, we identify, structure and solve data problems that can deliver crucial benefits to our cities and societies. Our Data Science Community involves private sector concerns and government entities, and also reaches out to a global network of data scientists and innovators. Our extended community amplifies our ability to identify problem scenarios, apply design thought to problem, solve using data science, and thus create tangible benefits for society.

Do you have an innovative idea that uses data to improve lives and build a smarter Dubai? Head over to our Dubai Data Science Challenge page and help us turn it into an implementable solution.

Data Science Lab Data Science Lab

The Data Science Challenge

Big data ideas change lives for the better. Do you have an innovative idea that uses data to improve lives and build a smarter Dubai? If so, join the “Data Science Challenge” and turn your smart thinking into reality.

The Data Science Challenge is an ongoing effort by the Dubai Data Science Lab to crowdsource and co-produce challenges that can be solved through data to benefit people, businesses and the environment.

Explore the Data Science Challenge and then submit your idea by visiting our Data Science Challenge page

The Dubai Data Science Lab

The Dubai Data Science Lab is where idea generation, rigorous design thinking and advanced data engineering combine for a smarter future. The collaboration operates in a data-rich environment run by Digital Dubai Data and supported by IBM. We want everyone with knowledge of data science to be involved.

We involve a broad ecosystem of private sector and government entities to help us identify addressable problems and create city-wide use cases.We also reach out to the local and international data scientist communities for collaborative data problem-solving that delivers real-world results.

A three-stage process of problem-solving lies informs our methodology at the Dubai Data Science Lab.



  • Collect the challenges from the online form system and Workshop
  • Get the buy-in from key stakeholders through the workshop
  • Consolidate the articulated challenges during the workshop
  • Filter the collected challenges through critical success factors


  • Run the Design thinking methodology that answer all feasibility studies and business value questions
  • Get Sponsorship support (buy-in)
  • Run the ideas through prioritization exercise


  • Select the resources and tools that will be used
  • Cleaning the data and reshaping it into a useable format
  • Choose and train the selected Model and Deploy the model in production
  • Build the end to end solution including Visualization and Storyline telling
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Data First Data First

Data First

“Data First, The City’s Data Challenge” is a 6 month long challenge that brings together all of our government and semi-government data partners, highlighting the great value that data will bring to the emirate. It was designed to help us collect the maximum amount of data from government and semi-government entities in Dubai, as data is the ‘First’ ingredient needed when implementing smart city strategies, from Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence. The Data First challenge will help increase city data availability, enhance governance, improve compliance, and nurture a strong data community by enabling a smart data ecosystem.

Furthermore, Dubai is the first city globally to embark on such an initiative that pools all of the city’s data on to one platform, giving the general public access to the data as well. In many other parts of the world, municipal data pooling initiatives are open only to government entities. Dubai Pulse and Data First will act as global benchmarks for how the pooling of urban data can improve government efficiency, boost private enterprise and fuel smart city innovation. The prize recognises the three entities that have made the most significant progress on the below criteria:

  • Compliance with the Dubai Data Law. This serves to create a spirit of healthy competition among participating entities.
  • Attendance of Digital Dubai data events, which enhances ecosystem engagement.
  • Collaboration on data requests from other government and semi-government entities
  • Increased data availability on Dubai Pulse by participating in ingestion cycles. Entities need to have participated in 3 ingestion cycles with at least 5 datasets in each cycle of Q3 and Q4 in 2019.
  • Support for a data-driven culture through internal and external workshops and awareness programmes. Entities will be asked to submit evidence of hosting sessions and establishing knowledge regarding the Dubai Data Law compliance framework.

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