Digital Dubai has concluded its participation in the 41st GITEX Global 2021, where it joined the event under its new identity ‘Digitizing Life in Dubai’, offering its pavilion as a platform for 31 government and private sector entities to present an array of digital solutions, projects, and initiatives.


The Digital Dubai pavilion at GITEX – which was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on October 17-21 – also played host to 17 presentations by government and private sector entities, in addition to serving as the backdrop for six MoUs Digital Dubai signed with various partners.


“GITEX Global 2021 presented a prominent platform for us to showcase our ideas for what a fully digital life looks like, as well as the projects we have underway to shape the emirate’s digital future,” said His Excellency Hamad Al-Mansoori, Director General of Digital Dubai. “Our participation here successfully shed light on the process of digitalizing all aspects of life in the city of Dubai. We presented a series of initiatives that served to cement Dubai’s global reputation as a city of happiness, sustainability, digital transformation, and the future. This year’s edition, in particular, signaled a return to life as normal and underlined Dubai’s role as a leader in post-pandemic recovery efforts, with GITEX and other major events in the city – particularly the Expo 2020 Dubai – asserting that we are now firmly in the post-pandemic era.”


H.E. applauded all entities taking part in the Digital Dubai pavilion, strategic partners joining the effort to drive Dubai’s digital transformation, and the Digital Dubai team. “This team spirit that brings together all affiliate entities under the Digital Dubai umbrella is a cornerstone of our plans to achieve further successes and progress in our digital transformation journey,” he asserted. “These efforts will only become more coordinated and harmonized in the years ahead, with government and private sector entities banding together to fulfill the leadership’s vision and meet all requirements for the next 50 years.”


Digital Dubai showcased a bundle of cybersecurity projects at GITEX Global 2021, including the Dubai Cyber Index – the first indicator of its kind in the world that aims to boost overall performance of cybersecurity systems across various Dubai Government entities. Also on display was the ‘TIRS’ project, an electronic system that detects vulnerabilities and security risks in websites of various organizations and government entities, as well as the ‘Ethaq’ digital seal initiative, which consists of data linked to a digital document and used to confirm the identity of the seal’s owner and the integrity of the data source in said document.


On a similar note, Digital Dubai exhibited its statistics-based projects, such as the Leadership Statistics Dashboard, part of the Digital Statistics Suite and designed specifically for decision makers and senior officials, in addition to the Geospatial Statistics System, which overlays statistical and geographical software to display statistical data on population, buildings, housing units, and industrial and service facilities, among others.


Digital Dubai also revealed the latest developments on its flagship Dubai Paperless Strategy and awarded the ‘100% Digital Stamp’ to a group of government entities that achieved a 100% digital transformation rate.


Updates on various digital projects and applications were also announced as part of Digital Dubai’s participation at GITEX Global 2021, including the one-stop-shop DubaiNow application for city services, which now offers more than 130 services from over 30 government and private entities in Dubai and across 12 different categories. Furthermore, the UAE PASS project – the first secure digital national identity for UAE citizens and residents – now allows access to more than 7,000 services provided by 155 government and private entities and available on their websites and applications. The Government Resource Planning Systems (GRPS) initiative, meanwhile, is now in use across more than 70 government entities in the emirate, offering integrated hi-tech solutions.


Developments to the Dubai Careers platform – the preferred destination for Dubai Government job opportunities – were also displayed, alongside the Smart Inventory project, designed to address operational challenges to inventory management, and the Leadership Dashboard for Government Resources, which offers a holistic view to decision makers in government financial and human resources departments about their respective entities. Last but not least, the pavilion showcased updates to the Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) project, which allows users to search, explore, and easily access all available shared services.