Digital Dubai has announced the launch of the "Household Income and Expenditure Survey 2024" as part of the national survey conducted by the Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre at the country level. This initiative involves collaboration with local statistical centers and spans a full year.

Digital Dubai emphasizes that this survey will provide authentic data enabling decision-makers and policymakers to launch social initiatives that contribute to enhancing the journey of shaping the future. It aims to solidify Dubai's position as a model city that achieves prosperity and happiness for households, individuals, and the community in general. This initiative is founded on real data and information, empowering the establishment of a society that thrives based on genuine insights and factual information.

Digital Dubai urges widespread participation from households and individuals in this survey, conducted by specialized researchers who are skilled in meticulous data collection and verification. This approach ensures the analysis of the collected data yields high-quality results that serve the overarching goals of Dubai's government. Surveyors possess the requisite knowledge and expertise, holding designated credentials from the Authority, and have all undergone necessary training to conduct this type of survey.

His Excellency Younus Al Nasser, Chief Executive, Dubai Data & Statistics Establishment, Digital Dubai underscored the strategic significance of the Household Income and Expenditure Survey in Dubai, which stands as one of the largest nationwide initiatives and profoundly supports the analysis of social and economic levels within households. It plays a pivotal role in gauging the community's well-being and prosperity across the emirate.

He remarked, "The Household Income and Expenditure Survey aligns seamlessly with Dubai's Social Agenda 33 recently launched by the visionary leadership, emphasizing 'Family: The Foundation of the Nation.' It embodies the critical importance of harnessing data, a true wealth in this era, enabling fact-based decisions that serve the community and future planning. At Dubai Data and Statistics Establishment and Digital Dubai, we attach exceptional significance to digital data, driven by a strategic vision inspired by our leadership's directives to position Dubai as a global model in digital city development and citizen happiness. This survey provides ample data, to be meticulously analyzed and utilized in planning processes, supporting Dubai's social and economic sectors. Its outcomes will offer a clear portrayal of social, demographic, and economic characteristics of families and individuals, providing metrics for measuring social well-being. This, in turn, bolsters the formulation and direction of social policies, meeting current and future needs in line with sustainable development indicators."

The survey furnishes data on expenditure patterns and private consumption necessary for formulating consumer price indices, pivotal in determining inflation rates in Dubai. This information not only benefits economic policymakers but also aids researchers and scholars interested in this data type.

The survey covers demographic information about the head of the household and family members, encompassing housing characteristics, family member details, income data for all individuals contributing to the household income, and household expenditure on goods and services. Digital Dubai noted that the survey questions are straightforward but require the cooperation of families and individuals in providing accurate information. The time required to complete the survey form spans over stages during the survey month and does not demand an extended period during the visit day.

The survey also aims to study income levels from various sources for households and individuals in Dubai, uncovering consumption patterns of households and individuals with limited income and their spending trends. This analysis delves into the relationship between income and expenditure, offering insights into the social and economic characteristics of individuals and households. Furthermore, it examines living standards to evaluate the welfare levels of families and individuals, crucial for the development of legislations and wide-scale programs utilized to assess and scrutinize adequate living standards for families.

The survey enables concerned entities to understand consumption spending patterns, cost of living, and economic growth estimations, reflecting aspects of demand for final consumption of goods and services.

Additionally, the survey contributes to shedding light on consumption patterns of goods and services for both households and individuals, and estimates their demand for the purpose of food security reporting. The survey results provide statistics related to household income and expenditure, facilitating local, regional, and global comparisons based on internationally adopted concepts, definitions, and classifications.

The fieldwork for the survey has already begun, requiring visits to the targeted households and the actual registration to explain the process of completing the questionnaire and collecting expenditure data from the first day to the last day of each month. The fieldwork for the survey is scheduled to conclude at the beginning of January 2025.

The survey employs various methods to collect field data, divided into on-site data collection through direct visits and interaction with households, and data collection via telephone, electronically, or through Digital Dubai’s WhatsApp service, accommodating all preferences of the families involved.

Digital Dubai encourages individuals to reach out in case of any inquiries related to the survey. The entity can be contacted via phone on 600 560 000, or via email on