Data isn’t just part of the future, data may be the future itself.

At Dubai Data, we are exploring how data can create a better future for the city of Dubai through different initiatives and projects. Working closely with our stakeholders we identify city challenges and use data to generate insights that will help solve these challenges, resulting in higher economic and social benefits for Dubai.

Primary Registries Primary Registries


We know a lot of data already exists in multiple places and various forms, held by many public and private sector organisations. Our job is to identify where this data lives, its quality, and how to link it effectively to the bigger picture.

That’s why we’re creating a series of Primary Registers for data!

A Primary Registry is a single point of truth. It consolidates fragmented data from various sources into a single trusted database. This enables stakeholders to access trusted data from a single location to spark innovation and create new solutions.

Data Decentralisation Data Decentralisation


Data is more useful when it is being shared safely to create benefit in a market environment. Our mission is to strengthen Dubai’s position as a leading city in data practice.

At Dubai Data, we eventually want to become a market broker for citywide data. An open, well-regulated market lets participants securely exchange data with clear business value to derive measurable benefits.

We are developing a decentralised data exchange in a regulatory sandbox where participants can safely and securely exchange data in an open, well-regulated market based on mutual benefits and a clear business value.

This sharing framework is complemented by data privacy, data governance and data control. We want to make data tradable both technically and economically, and promote new smart city business models along the way.

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